Here, you will find soon, “the Meraki People” before four or five projects

图片1Christiana D. Gardikiot 

B.F.A, B.Ed., MBA   Chief Euphoria Officer 

The Mission:
To transform the empty villages of Mt Parnonas to 24 vibrant communities & offer 1201 jobs to young professionals by 2017.
The Inspiration:
My father brought a tremendous development into the beautiful area. He created the first textile factory the largest in Europe employing 1200 people in 1974. Pretty much all the residences of his village found work and farmers of the surrounding villages as well.
When he passed away I gave him the promise that not only I will take care of my people (including bringing back my daughter in xenitia), as he did, but I will make sure to bring even more collective prosperity by protecting our surrounding NATURE while producing ethical products from its resources. I said to him:
“I will employee 1200 and one people father in the first Natural Factory: our Mountain”

Executive Summary:
Meraki People is a social impact enterprise in Greece that, with the support of a 1045 network of people, transforms 24 challenged rural dying communities into thriving Innovative Collaborative Hubs. Visitors from around the world are traveling to the region of Parnonas and spend 7 days collaborating with the locals working on business solutions that bring socio-economic impact into those local communities. All the solutions are designed based on the values of spirituality, holistic sustainability, and respect to the Arcadian nature and its people. “Meraki” in Greek is the passion, dexterity, perseverance, dedication a creator puts in his work. “Meraki People” thus is the place & the state of mind created to unfold young people’s creativity, entrepreneurship and innovative engineering with the goal to build a new happy community and a replicable model for the world.
Building enterprising bridges via immersion in the culture, history and local way of life
Ms. Agatha Bez and her Greek Language Polish students visit the region & Christiana’s home (H.Qs) to plan how can we produce, export & build a fulfilling life.
Natural Y E A S T production is what we want to engage in as a first step.