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“My vision is to REVITALISE the 24 villages in Mt Parnonas by creating the first low-carbon and climate-resilient growth lifestyle YEAST ECONOMY community in Agiannis Kynourias Arcadia, transforming its 24 decaying villages to thriving production hives. The Meraki people or “Makers with contented heart”, via the projects designed and implemented in the Wisdom Academy in the village of Agiannis Kynourias are bridging and incorporating N a t u r e with 21st Century “o r g a n i c” production. In order to help global learners to create and be part of such communities, its inhabitants need to find solutions that promote low-carbon and climate-resilient growth into their everyday lifestyles and in the life styles of heavily populated urban spaces. The finding of these solutions and their applications can be purchased by all interested in reproducing this new more sustainable model of content living and working for the years to come even in the heavily populated urban areas. “Meraki people” establish a pilot new societal model that strives for the new way of life while Working IN and FOR Nature . Modern Technology tools are used collectively by the “Meraki people” to create collective prosperity and are coupled with ancient wisdom and ETHICS. WE believe we can create a better world and we attempt to do it one village at the time applying it to the 24 deserted villages of Mt Parnonas, one at the time, creating thus the first “BLUE MOUNTAIN” lifestyle ecosystem of the planet. For this we have the guidance and support of Dr Pauli Gunter, founder of the Blue Economy He has suggested to us to create and use NATURAL YEASTS as the core business activity of this initiative. As with yeast, fermentation starts with a very small amount of enzymes and moves to larger quantities. In the AGIANNIS resilience model the concept of organic enterprising growth is applied not only with the sales of NATURAL YEASTS on a variety of food applications but on the sales of “organic” business models where academic knowledge is applied to the local solutions while creating a low-carbon and climate-resilient growth lifestyle My company, the “Meraki People” Global Network will be addressing the deep universal desire of entrepreneurs, employees and academics alike to integrate Nature, Business and Sustainable Life Style to satisfy people that are in need of purpose. When they find it they will be happy and work with all their heart – with their “Meraki”


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